Sebastian Germesin

I am a determined young professional computer scientist who loves straight­forward approaches that have a thought-out basis. This is reflected in both my professional life and my personal life. Creating webpages or useful software that others can rely on gives me as much as running a marathon or to christen an untouched deep powder snow slope.

Short Bio
I was born in 1982 in Merzig, Germany and finished my studies of computer science at the Saarland University in 2008. I then started working at the DFKI in the field of NLP topics, such as dialogue act classification, disfluency correction and agreement analysis. In 2009, I joined the EU-funded project IKS, where my key tasks are to define and develop semantic interaction patterns to model the interaction of a user with semantically enriched content. During this work, I also joined the W3C RDF Web Applications Working Group.
Curriculum Vitae
Please have a look at the long version of my CV.